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Student feedback from MORE courses... 

“The hands-on scenarios were SUPER helpful; especially with the realistic wounds – I feel like they simulated a real-life emergency and gave me more confidence.”  Kathleen B


“The interaction between instructors and the class was perfect.  Very engaging and productive conversations. They took the time to make sure you understood and were confident before moving on.” Salvatore F


“Instruction was excellent – clear, direct, focused.  Instructors went above and beyond to tailor class to meet our needs and provide material specific to the environment we will serve in.  Well-organized course materials and presentation.”  Jim K


“Cannot speak highly enough about the instructor and the training sessions.  EVERY Pennsylvania DCNR ranger should have this training.”  Colin M


“Scenarios were very effective … Instructor always willing to answer questions … created fun learning environment … used many different mediums for instruction … covered a broad spectrum of topics.”  Erin C

"Instructors were dynamic and clearly authorities in wilderness medicine.  Each one instilled comnfidence and demonstrated decades of experience."  Anon


"Many  opportunities to practice through mix of quizzes, exercises, and scenarios.  Q&A was  great."  Anon

"Feedback during scenarios helped me understand areas to improve and how to fix it.  Very informative lectures and realistic hands-on scenarios." Caleigh H

"Instructors were very knowledgedable and presented information in an engaging way that was reinforeced by hands-on secnarios.  I feel prepared and confident in my abilities avfter taking this course." Iona H

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