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Medical Courses

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Two-day course • $220.00


WFA provides the first aid principles and skills to respond to emergencies and to give care in areas and situations where access to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) resources may be delayed by hours.  This includes wilderness and remote environments, as well as urban environments experiencing natural or man-made disasters. WFA is a dynamic, hands-on, skills-based course using a mix of classroom instruction and realistic outdoor teaching scenarios tailored to the training audience.  MORE curriculum and two-year certification.

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)


WFA Course / 2-days / $220


Currently certified Wilderness First Responders may recertify their WFR through successful completion of the MORE WFA course.   


3 hours • $70.00


American Red Cross curriculum and two-year  certification taught through blended learning format.   Class can cover Adults only, or include children and infants as desired by client.  1 hour of on-line work followed by two hours of hands-on skill development and testing. 


This is a stand-alone training module which may be presented in conjunction with WFA instruction is requested by client.


CPR-AED certification is NOT required for WFA certification.

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